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Author Topic: Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World [RT4EAF]  (Read 24992 times)
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« Reply #45 on: January 01, 2009, 05:39:33 AM »

Stumbled upon this by accident.

"Cracks" Color Modifier [hawkeye2777]
064E43B0 00000006
00RR00GG 00BB0000
RGB Values:
00-FF: 0 to 255

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« Reply #46 on: January 02, 2009, 06:57:49 AM »

No "Cannot use Item Time" [hawkeye2777]
C20B8320 00000005
9421FFF0 91610008
3D60BC83 616BAB9F
917D0050 81610008
38210010 C03D0050
60000000 00000000
This code nullifies the time limit on using items, so you can use several items at once.

Elemental Grid Modifier [hawkeye2777]
C20B24D8 00000002
3CC00000 60C6000x
90C30580 00000000
C20B24F0 00000002
3CC00000 60C6000x
90C30584 00000000
C20B2508 00000002
3CC00000 60C6000x
90C30588 00000000
C20B2520 00000002
3CC00000 60C6000x
90C3058C 00000000
C20B2538 00000002
3CC00000 60C6000x
90C30590 00000000
Values for x:
0 - Nothing
1 - Fire
2 - Water
3 - Wind
4 - Earth
5 - Lightning
6 - Ice
7 - Light
8 - Darkness
The codes go in the (clockwise) order of the Grid, so the 1st x is the element farthest to the left and so on. If you make 4 or 5 of the x's be the same element, you will always have a chance to recruit a monster to your party. This does not modify the field element.

All Recipes [hawkeye2777]
024937B2 00007FFF
Original by YCAT21 (JPN), ported by hawkeye2777.
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Currently "retired" from hacking codes.
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« Reply #47 on: January 03, 2009, 07:24:55 AM »

Preview of my next codes (Artes Mod):

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5
Image 6
Image 7
Image 8
Image 9
Image 10
Image 11
Image 12
Image 13
Image 14
Image 15

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Currently "retired" from hacking codes.
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« Reply #48 on: January 22, 2009, 02:09:55 AM »

Elemental Grid mod is fixed (copy+paste error).

Currently "retired" from hacking codes.
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« Reply #49 on: February 10, 2010, 09:04:45 PM »

Unison attacks don't clear the minor elements from the grid [DCX2]
040B0F80 48000014

Unison attacks and Mystic Artes don't consume any unison gauge [DCX2]
040FDF8C 60000000

Monsters always launch Third Movement Unison attack if their element is on the grid [DCX2]
040EE2C0 38000005

Unison gauge doesn't get cut in half after battle [DCX2]
040FDAB8 60000000

Keep minor elements after they change the major element [DCX2]
040B0EE8 7CC03378

Massively reduced casting time [DCX2]
0410A7A4 60000000
0410A7A8 3BC0000A
(barely enough time for launching a Mystic Arte)

Replace Add Combo 1 with Add Combo 112 [DCX2]
C210A1EC 00000004
38000080 7C001800
4082000C 38600070
48000008 886400B0
60000000 00000000
(must have Add Combo 1 skill activated)

Always surprise enemies [DCX2]
04012BBC 38000002
(Change 3800000x to 2 for you always surprise enemies, 1 for enemies always surprise you, and 0 for no one ever surprises anyone)

99.99 grade after each battle [DCX2]
04110264 60000000
(I need someone with a save near the end of the game to verify that code works in the grade shop)

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« Reply #50 on: February 20, 2010, 07:08:17 AM »

always/never spellbind +up on +down off [DCX2]
040B1000 38600000
4E00FFF4 00000000
284D755A 00000018
14000000 38600001
284D755B 00000014
14000000 38600000
E0000000 80008000

"Spellbind" means you have a chance to forge a pact.  It does not mean always succeed at pacts.  The code starts off with "never spellbind".  Hold + and press up to change the code to Always Spellbind; you can let go once you press the buttons and it will remember to keep spellbinding.  Hold + and press down to change the code to Never Spellbind.  You can only forge a pact with one monster per fight, so if you spellbind multiple monsters, the one you get to pact with is random (i.e. never the one you wanted).  Try to turn Always Spellbind on ONLY when you are about to kill a monster that you want to capture.  Or leave it on all the time if you don't care what monsters you pact with.


It turns out that - is a better button than + to use for this purpose.  In a fight, pressing - will pause the game and show you monster stats and element.  I use -left and -right for my grid modifier below, so -up and -down make more sense for a Spellbind activator.

spellbind -up on -down off
040B1000 38600000
4E00FFF4 00000000
284D755A 00001008
14000000 38600001
284D755B 00001004
14000000 38600000
E0000000 80008000
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« Reply #51 on: March 08, 2010, 04:59:49 PM »

Pacts are always successful [DCX2]
040B9D6C 48000028

skills cost 0 SP [DCX2]
04050010 38000000
04050014 98110009

Using items doesnt consume them [DCX2]
04054A0C 38800000
This works in the menu, don't know if it works in battle or during synthesis, does not work for feeding

anything adds 9.9 million exp [DCX2]
0409F85C 64BB0098
This includes manuscripts and, as it turns out, battles

all stats max on level up, green save, or herb [DCX2]
C204B998 00000006
6407270F 90E30024
B0030028 390003E7
B103002A B103002C
B103002E 90E30030
90E30034 90E30038
60000000 00000000
Useful for keeping any new monsters maxed out, especially the ones you capture with my Pacts are always successful

Feeding doesn't use food [DCX2]
0404B020 7FC0F378

feeding boosts stats like they never ate [DCX2]
040688DC 38000001
This tricks the game into thinking that all your monsters have never been fed

can always feed any monster [DCX2]
0406ADF8 60000000
0406ADC0 60000000
0406AE30 60000000
0406AE68 60000000
Feed any monster at any time, even if they're level 1.  WARNING you will have to scroll through a lot of monsters!

Dont need statues to evolve monsters [DCX2]
040689B8 7CC53378

Can always evolve monsters [DCX2]
04068970 7CC53378
Using the previous three codes together, you can evolve monsters as many times as you want without leaving the cooking screen!

Enemies can't chase you [DCX2]
04030860 38000000
04030864 90150080
If you've ever held out the Sorcerer's Ring while an enemy is trying to run into you, you may have noticed that they stutter.  Enemies now always stutter when they see you, so they essentially cannot give chase.  If they don't see you, they walk like normal.  I can try to freeze enemies all the time if the community would like that instead but I'm afraid some enemies might get stuck in your way.

Change monster synchs (Hold CZ, press up or down) [DCX2]
C205CADC 0000000C
887D01DB 2C030000
4182004C 3C80804D
6084755A A8040004
7000000C 41820038
A8840000 2C046008
40820014 38630001
7063000F 40820008
38600001 2C046004
40820014 3863FFFF
7063000F 40820008
3860000F 987D01DB
60000000 00000000
Go to the Menu -> Status screen, select your monster, while viewing their stats hold C and Z first, then press up or down to change synchs

- and left/right to change grid [DCX2]
C20AD4FC 00000019
5480043E 2C001F4C
408200B8 7C6802A6
5463043E 7C600734
2C00896C 408200A4
3C608000 60631828
90A30010 3CA0804D
60A5755A A8050004
70001000 41820010
A804002A B003000E
48000018 A8050008
70001000 4182000C
A803000E B004002A
A8050000 70001000
41820054 8803000C
B004002A A8050004
70000003 41820040
2C000002 40820018
88A3000C 70A50007
38A50001 98A3000C
48000024 2C000001
4082001C 88A3000C
38A5FFFF 2C050000
40820008 38A00008
98A3000C 80A30010
A864002A 00000000
C20B24A8 00000005
3C808000 60841828
8804000C 90030580
90030584 90030588
9003058C 90030590
38000000 00000000
thanks to hawkeye for finding the hook for the elemental grid

It's a little complicated to use.  You must use Emil in battle.  This code uses a few Gecko registers, not sure which but it's like gr3, gr4, and/or gr5 I think (depends on which version of Gecko OS you use).  While battling, hold down the - key.  Watch Emil's TP; it will change to the current grid element's number while - is pressed.  Don't worry, when you release -, Emil's TP goes back to normal, and battle pauses while you hold -.

While holding minus, press left and right to change the current grid element's number.  Once you've picked the value that you want, let go of minus and go cast a spell or do something that tickles the grid and you'll see everything change to match the number of the element you set.

item modifier [DCX2]
C205129C 00000010
A8A30048 3C80804D
6084755A A8C40000
70C72000 4182005C
70C70010 4182000C
38A50001 48000034
70C71000 4182000C
38A5FFFF 48000024
A8C40004 70C70002
4182000C 38A50001
48000010 70C70001
4182000C 38A5FFFF
2C050259 40810008
38A00000 2C050000
40800008 38A00259
B0A30048 7CA32B78
60000000 00000000
Go to the Equipment screen and highlight the item you want to change.  While holding Z, press left or right to change the item by one, and hold + or - to scroll through 60 items per second (takes about 10 seconds to scroll through all items).  Using this code you can put any item anywhere - an apple gel for Emil's weapon, or Sol and Mani (Richter's axe and sword) for Marta's ribbon, etc.  If you go to the accessory and there's no accessory equipped, you can bring one into existence, and then use C to de-equip the accessory into your inventory.  You can then create any rare items you want, as many as you want!

Look at the equipment codes on the main code page to see all the items.

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« Reply #52 on: May 22, 2010, 09:06:05 PM »

A little thread revival..


Hope you have fun with this!  Smiley

Glad someone finally released that; I never got the time to finish it myself.

Currently "retired" from hacking codes.
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« Reply #53 on: May 27, 2010, 05:41:37 PM »

Arte Roller [DCX2 / ShadowX39]
C2059288 00000011
A9E300C8 3C80804D
6084755A A8C40000
70C70010 4182000C
39EF0001 48000034
70C71000 4182000C
39EFFFFF 48000024
A8C40004 70C70002
4182000C 39EF0001
48000010 70C70001
4182003C 39EFFFFF
2C0F007D 40820008
39E00000 2C0F0020
40820008 39E00041
2C0F0040 40820008
39E0001F 2C0F0000
40800008 39E0007C
B1E300C8 00000000
To use: Go to the Artes menu of your desired character (in or out of battle).  Press left or right to change the Arte by one for each press.  Hold + or - to scroll through all Artes at 30 Artes/second.  It skips the values that cause freezing (0x20 through 0x40).

It looks like there are a few quirks to the Artes.  Check the Support Thread for details.,2530.45.html
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« Reply #54 on: May 09, 2011, 01:01:14 AM »

Back from the dead!  More awesome codes

Unlock Lloyd & Co. for leveling [dcx2]
C209F828 00000003
2C030000 4082000C
38600001 7C7FF1AE
80010024 00000000
Changes to levels are permanent, but if you don't use the code they won't level anymore

Prevent Stat Changes [dcx2]
0404BE6C 4E800020
based on Shadow's code, condensed into one line.  Includes an extra one Symphonian Resident found (EXP resets at cutscene)

Party Roller [dcx2]
C205C88C 0000000C
3D80804D 618C755A
A14C0004 714A000C
41820048 A1431B62
2C0A000B 4181003C
A18C0000 2C0C2008
40820010 2C0A000B
40800008 394A0001
2C0C2004 40820010
2C0A0001 40810008
394AFFFF B1431B62
394AFFFF B1431B60
A0631B62 00000000
Based on Aesteval's Party Mod code (in turn based on YCAT21's Party Mod).  Go to the Status screen for the slot of interest.  Hold Z.  Press down and up to change the character.  This changes both portrait data and the stats data.  You can't mix and match character data with this code.  If there is interest I could make one that does that.

Name Roller [dcx2]
C205CAD4 00000010
48000009 00000000
7D8802A6 3C80804D
6084755A A8640004
7063030C 4182005C
806C0000 A8840000
2C044200 40820010
2C030011 40800008
38630001 2C044100
40820010 2C030000
40810008 3863FFFF
906C0000 38630186
7D5D18AE 2C044008
40820008 394A0001
2C044004 40820008
2C000000 00000000
You must be at the Status screen for a character, and you must hold C to activate this.  While holding C, press the up or down arrow to change a letter of the name.  You may have to press up and down a lot to get to the letter you want.  To move to the next letter, hold C and press 1.  To move to the previous letter, hold C and press 2.  There are a max of 18 letters.  Move one letter at a time from the left.  Changes to the name should be permanent once the file is saved.

Use manuscripts on anyone [dcx2]
04055A14 38000001
040571F0 60000000
040571D4 4800000C
This works with *any* grimoire.  You can teach humans skills and artes with them too.

All monsters can reach level 200 [dcx2]
082D60BC 00C80000
20040010 00000000
082D60D4 802D5D78
20030010 00000000
This code is naturally incompatible with the code below.  It points all monsters at the tier-200 level monster EXP table.  tier-100 and tier-50 monsters may need some extra EXP to catch up to the appropriate level.

Everyone can reach level 255 [dcx2]
082D60BC 00FF0000
20040010 00000000
082D60C4 802D5788
20040010 00000000
082D5AAC 0099967E
20370004 0000FFFF
082D60C0 00D09647
20040010 00000000
0409F8FC 3C6000D0
0409F900 60609647
This code modifies the "Experience needed to level up" table.  I tried to follow the general pattern that was used to make the Emil/Marta table from levels 70-200 in order to continue the other 55 levels; each level requires an additional 65535 EXP to reach the next level.  Everyone's level maxes out at 255, which means your EXP now maxes out at 13,662,139 instead of 9,999,999.  Stats continue to increase for the remaining 55 levels.  Monsters will require a great deal of additional experience to catch up to Emil/Marta for a given level.

Assign monster artes to shortcuts [dcx2]
040C6B40 60000000
040CD0C0 60000000
0405B464 38000000
C20594B4 00000003
888300E0 2C04000C
41800008 38A00001
60000000 00000000
C2083A60 00000005
3D808000 7C086000
40800008 39000000
3D808180 2C08000C
41800008 39000000
90010024 00000000
This is just a little glitchy.  When you pick the shortcut, you won't see the name in the slot.  But when you hover over that slot, you will see it.  You can use these shortcuts in battle.  See this post for a pic.,2530.msg69301.html#msg69301

Prevent being behind more than one level worth of EXP [dcx2]
C201CC08 00000009
7C691B78 3884FFFF
3D808009 618CF75C
7D8903A6 4E800421
81520014 7C0A1840
40800008 90720014
7D234B78 8892001C
3D808009 618CF75C
7D8903A6 4E800421
60000000 00000000
This is activated by just opening the menu.  It automatically gives the EXP needed to have just reached the current level.  e.g. if Lloyd is level 31 when you activate this code for the first time, he will be given the minimum EXP needed to be level 31.  This is useful if you use either of the codes that raise the level cap.

Open all areas [dcx2]
0403BA80 2C08FFFF
Based on Shadow's All Areas Open code.  Does not require pre-loading any saves.

Grade Multiplier (float) [dcx2]
C211026C 00000003
48000009 3F800000
7D8802A6 C3EC0000
EC3E07F2 00000000
Replace 3F800000 with any float (e.g. 40000000 = 2.0, 3F000000 = 0.5, etc)

Bonus EXP Multiplier (float) [dcx2]
C20B9460 00000004
48000009 3F800000
7D8802A6 C00C0000
EFE007F2 3FA0804E
60000000 00000000
You can use this to compensate for the massive bonus EXP in Unknown Mode.  Replace 3F800000 with any float (e.g. 40000000 = 2.0, 3F000000 = 0.5, etc)

EXP Multiplier (integer) [dcx2]
C20B9294 00000002
1C630001 9061000C
3C608048 00000000
Use this to adjust the base EXP gained (bonus EXP is calculated separately, but base EXP is a factor).  Change the last four digits of 1C630001 to change the multiplier.  1C63000A would be 10x EXP.  1C630064 would be 100x EXP

EXP Divider (integer) [dcx2]
C20B9294 00000003
39800001 7C6363D6
9061000C 3C608048
60000000 00000000
Use this to adjust the base EXP gained (bonus EXP is calculated separately, but base EXP is a factor).  Change the last four digits of 39800001 to change the divider.  3980000A would be EXP / 10.  39800064 would be EXP / 100.

Don't consume quests [dcx2]
0402474C 4800007C
The quests stay on the menu even after playing them.  Use Quest Randomizer to get the quest type that you want.  Then, you can use the Quest Rank Roller to make it S-rank.  Then, Don't consume quests will allow you to keep playing the same quest over and over.

Always have quests [dcx2]
0249357E 00000007
This will give you quests even if you've completed them all, but a given quest will disappear from the list after it has been beaten.  Use "Don't consume quests" to keep quests from disappearing from the menu if you want to play the same quest multiple times.

Quest Randomizer [dcx2]
C20675BC 00000008
3D80804D 618C755A
A16C0004 716B0300
41820028 A16C0000
2C0B0300 4082001C
3C608049 A063357C
3D808006 618C6260
7D8903A6 4E800421
38610038 00000000
At the quest screen, press 1 and 2 to randomly generate a new set of quests.  If you don't like the quests that you've got, just keep randomizing until you get one you want.  This will choose from quests that are appropriate for the chapter you are in

Quest Roller [dcx2]
C206759C 00000019
3D80804D 618C755A
A16C0004 716B1310
418200AC A1661EF8
A00C0000 3D808000
2C001000 40820010
2C0B0004 40800008
396B0001 2C000010
40820010 2C0B0000
40810008 396BFFFF
B1661EF8 A1661EFA
2C004010 40820014
2C0B00C9 4080000C
396B0001 B16C1824
2C005000 40820014
2C0B0000 4081000C
396BFFFF B16C1824
B1661EFA A1661F08
2C004200 40820014
2C0B015B 4080000C
396B0001 B16C1824
2C004100 40820014
2C0B0000 4081000C
396BFFFF B16C1824
B1661F08 A0061EF8
60000000 00000000
+ or - will roll rank.  c + or c - will roll type.  c 1 or c 2 will roll location.  You will see the value roll in real-time, but you have to exit and enter the Katz menu to get the changes acknowledged (i.e. to get the reward to change).  If you make changes and then save, I think the changes will be permanent.  Be careful when rolling type and location, because you can get stuck.  Just reload your save from the menu if you get stuck.

Display Quest Location/Type as Recommended Level [dcx2]
C20675B0 00000005
7CA5002E 3D80804D
618C755A A18C0000
718C4000 4182000C
3D808000 A0AC1824
60000000 00000000
For use with the Quest Roller.  You need to hold c to roll type and rank.  While holding c, whatever you just changed will be displayed as the recommended level.
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« Reply #55 on: May 23, 2011, 01:24:13 PM »

Quest Roller bosses (thanks to arch feline for making this  list)
Protect Our Town
2  Stone Eater x2
3  Polwigle x2
4  Embryo x2 
5  Echeneis x2
6  Girtablili x2
7  Baal x2
8  Simoriah x2
9  Zaratan x2
10 Mia Culpa x2
11 Lusca x2
12 auto-vanish Stone Eater x2
Mysterious Disappearance
18  Gamat
19  Rock Golem
20  Mousse
21  Rock Golem
22  Anemone
23  Talos
24  Slime Mold
25  Shapeshifter
26  Incognito
27  Made in Heaven
28  auto-vanish Gamat
Visitor in Moonlight
33  Manticore
34  Wraith
35  Manticore     
36  Crossbone
37  Grisley
38  Zombie
39  Cerberus
40  Pale Rider
41  Hippogryph
42  Sword Dancer
43  auto-vanish Manticore
Monster Forest
48  Gremlin
49  Fire Drake
50  Cacodemon
51  Wyvern
52  Graeae
53  Were Dragon
54  Pied Piper
55  Fafnir
56  Ruby Dear
57  Ishrantu 
58  Ishrantu 
Doppleganger Street
64  Treant
65  Furie
66  Stinkhorn
67  Lightwing
68  Shallow Grave
69  Raven
70  Orcrot
71  Simurgh
72  Dionaea
73  Moon Rocks
74  freeze on "Now Loading" screen

100% chance of steal [dcx2]
040D202C 60000000
Only works for stealing artes (e.g. Roaring Phoenix) and enemies that have steals

100% chance of both drops [dcx2]
040A9098 60000000

Monsters can use items in battle [dcx2]
040DAE64 38000000
040DB4D0 38000000

Swap any human into slot 1 [dcx2]
0401DB00 60000000
0401DB18 60000000

Everyone Always Critical Hits [dcx2]
040D1524 60000000
Players and enemies will always critical if a hit is not guarded

Lottery Gel Fully Heals HP/TP [dcx2]
04053FC0 4800012C

De-level [dcx2]
C205C654 00000006
88BD01A0 3D80804D
A16C755E 2C0B0200
40820018 A16C755A
2C0B2200 4082000C
38A5FFFF 98BD01A0
60000000 00000000
Go to the status screen, hold Z and then press 1.  This doesn't "de-level" your character's stats; you keep all the stats and experience.  The next time you fight you will level up at the end, and your stats will increase accordingly.  So if you don't want to artificially increase your stats, de-level only as much as you need.  This can probably also be used to save a monster that you didn't evolve after feeding after reaching its max level.

Strategy Roller [dcx2]
C205DAA8 00000008
82630014 3D80804D
A18C755E 2C0C1000
40820010 2C130001
40810008 3A73FFFF
2C0C0010 40820010
2C13002B 40800008
3A730001 92630014
60000000 00000000
Go to the Strategy screen (in or out of battle).  Highlight the strategy for the character you want to change.  Press + or - to roll strategies.

There are about 20 copies of Attack Freely.  You will have scroll through them.  I did not provide an indicator because the list is small (about 40 values).

Apparently, different characters get different values for Attack Freely?  Marta had 0x27, Emil had 0x26, a Kitty Kat had 0x17 and an Aspidoceleon had 0x16.  There is also one extra copy of Save and Hold Position at the end.

There are previously unknown strategies!  I have bolded them.

Spoiler for Hiden:
01 is attack close
02 is attack far
03 is attack same
04 is scatter
05 is aim high
06 is block magic
07 is reduce
08 is protect friend
09 is at once
0A is keep reserve
0B is retain
0C is save
0D is do not use
0E is moderation
0F is frontlines
10 is do not pursue
11 is hold position
12 is long range artes
13 is artes
14-28 is attack freely
29 is save
2A is hold position
2B+ is attack freely

Skit Roller [dcx2]
C206F5B4 0000000E
836373A8 3D80804D
618C755A A12C0000
A14C0004 7120000C
4082000C 71400003
41820044 2C092008
4182000C 2C092002
40820008 3B7B0001
2C092004 4182000C
2C092001 40820008
40810008 3B60FFFF
2C1BFFFF 40800008
3B60012F 936373A8
60000000 00000000
At the world map or in town or in dungeon, hold Z.  Then press: left will go back one skit, right will go forward one skit, down will scroll back through skits, up will scroll forward through skits.  This roller wraps, so if you go past the last skit it comes back to the first.

View Skit Number as Hits [dcx2]
C201C0EC 00000004
A0A41C26 3D80804D
A18C755A 718C2000
4182000C 3D80804B
80AC73A8 00000000
Bring up the menu and hold Z, you will see the currently active skit's number replace your Hits.  When you leave the menu, the correct skit will reload.  No skit = -1
Thanks to Symphonian Resident for filling in the blanks!
Spoiler for Hiden:
#   Skit File   Skit Name
0   FC01_001   Howl in the Distance
1   FC01_002   Angry?
2   FC01_003   Lake Sinoa
3   FC01_004   Strange Girl
4   FC01_005   Lloyd's Fault
5   FC01_006   Falling Behind
6   FC01_007   Richter's a Nice Guy?
7   FC01_008   Well Done
8   FC01_009   Never Forgive Him
9   FC01_010   Masked Man
10   FC01_011   Eh-mule
11   FC01_012   Lardaceous?
12   FC01_013   Where Are You?
13   FC01_014   Wishful Thinking
14   FC01_015   Seeing is Believing
15   FC01_016   Promise
16   FC02_001   Strange Weather Patterns
17   FC02_002   Strange Guy
18   FC02_003   Killing the Moment
19   FC02_004   Saddest VS Sadist
20   FC02_005   Hawkie
21   FC02_006   The Chosen
22   FC02_007   Fool of Myself
23   FC02_008   Don't Get It
24   FC02_009   All Aflutter
25   FC02_010   I'm Not Giving Up
26   FC02_011   Tenebie
27   FC02_012   Collapsing Colette
28   FC02_013   Aura of the Demonic Realm
29   FC02_014   Childhood
30   FC02_015   Like Best of All
31   FC02_016   Return to the Stone Dais
32   FC02_017   Ruin Mode
33   FC02_018   Preparations
34   FC02_019   Fishing for Compliments
35   FC02_020   Memory
36   FC02_021   Tenebie Part 2
37   FC02_022   Target of Affection
38   FC02_023   Balacruf Mausoleum
39   FC02_024   Stick in the Mud
40   FC02_025   Come on You're a Man
41   FC02_026   Centurions
42   FC02_027   Colette
43   FC02_028   Motion Sickness
44   FC02_029   * (voiced in Japanese, no subtitles)
45   FC02_030   Return to Palmacosta
46   FC02_031   Spiteful Tenebrae
47   FC02_032   Vanguard
48   FC02_033   Where Is Marta?
49   FC02_034   Governor-General's Widow
50   FC02_035   Kamisra Mountains
51   FC02_036   Chosen of Tethe'alla
52   FC02_037   * (no skit)
53   FC02_038   Reunited World
54   FC02_039   Alice
55   FC02_040   Love, the Tender Trap
56   FC02_041   Love and Hate
57   FC03_001   Village of Oracles
58   FC03_002   Non-Aggression Treaty
59   FC03_003   Lloyd's Father
60   FC03_004   Flowers in Her Hair
61   FC03_005   Tenebrae and Noishe
62   FC03_006   Awkward
63   FC03_007   Awkward Part 2
64   FC03_008   Human Ranches
65   FC03_009   Spiteful Old Nag
66   FC03_010   Where Is Paul?
67   FC03_011   Googly-Eyed
68   FC03_012   Murderer's Teacher
69   FC03_013   School Days
70   FC03_014   What Is Love?
71   FC03_015   Teacher Voice
72   FC03_016   Half-Elves
73   FC03_017   Fascinating
74   FC03_018   Maniac
75   FC03_019   Half-Elves Part 2
76   FC03_020   Brother and Sister
77   FC03_021   Kendama
78   FC03_022   Frozen Banana
79   FC03_023   I'm Not a Kid
80   FC03_024   Snow in the Desert
81   FC03_025   Centurion of a Thousand Faces
82   FC03_026   First Time Fishing
83   FC03_027   Ratatosk Mode
84   FC03_028   Real Ruin Mode
85   FC03_029   Believe in Him
86   FC03_030   Odd Poster
87   FC03_031   Sighs Four
88   FC03_032   Izoold
89   FC03_033   Being Popular
90   FC04_001   Curiosity
91   FC04_002   Lead Heads
92   FC04_003   Stress
93   FC04_004   Arsonist
94   FC04_005   Regal
95   FC04_006   Definitely Weird
96   FC04_007   Old People
97   FC04_008   Herbs
98   FC04_009   Good Soap Opera
99   FC04_010   Studying
100   FC04_011   Light-Frog
101   FC04_012   Troubling Him
102   FC04_013   Current Affairs
103   FC04_014   Maturity
104   FC04_015   Raine's Letter
105   FC04_016   Pull Back
106   FC04_017   Father Figure
107   FC04_018   Discouragement
108   FC04_019   Seasickness
109   FC04_020   Where Is Lloyd?
110   FC04_021   Eau de Seduction
111   FC04_022   Previous Discussion
112   FC04_023   Lloyd of the Past
113   FC04_024   Mature Relationship
114   FC04_025   History of Mana
115   FC04_026   Quick-Jump?
116   FC04_027   Celcius
117   FC04_028   Richter and Me
118   FC04_029   Sheena's Destiny
119   FC04_030   Speaking Ban
120   FC04_032   Speaking Ban Part 2
121   FC04_033   Speaking Ban Part 3
122   FC04_034   Sheena's Mission
123   FC04_035   Responsibility
124   FC05_001   Meltokio
125   FC05_002   Our Journey
126   FC05_003   Really Okay?
127   FC05_004   Scared?
128   FC05_005   Harsh Words
129   FC05_006   Hidden Door
130   FC05_007   Find Marta
131   FC05_008   Welcome Back
132   FC05_009   Omen
133   FC05_010   Mom
134   FC05_011   Darkness
135   FC05_012   Seles Wilder
136   FC05_013   *Seles Wilder B
137   FC05_014   Chosen and His Sister
138   FC05_015   Never Been Apart
139   FC05_016   * (Japanese, no subtitle)
140   FC05_017   Vanguard's Base
141   FC05_018   Pitfalls
142   FC05_019   It's Not Like That
143   FC05_020   Friends
144   FC05_021   Who Is Aster?
145   FC05_022   This Is Impossible
146   FC05_023   Nothing to Say
147   FC05_024   His Reason
148   FC05_025   His Reason Part 2
149   FC05_026   Shallow
150   FC05_027   * (Japanese, no subtitles)
151   FC05_028   Solum's Core
152   FC06_001   Church of Martel
153   FC06_002   Contagious
154   FC06_003   Are You Okay?
155   FC06_004   Aster
156   FC06_005   Marta's Kindness
157   FC06_006   Temple of Lightning
158   FC06_007   Brilliant Researcher
159   FC06_008   Tall Objects
160   FC06_009   Insensitive Jerk
161   FC06_010   Fight
162   FC06_011   Fight Part 2
163   FC06_012   My Beloved
164   FC06_013   Fight Part 3
165   FC06_014   Exspheres and Centurion's Core
166   FC06_015   Curry Favor
167   FC06_016   Darkness Maniac
168   FC06_017   HE Bomb
169   FC06_018   Wahoo!
170   FC06_019   Magnificence of Darkness
171   FC06_020   Lezareno Town
172   FC06_021   Under Attack
173   FC06_022   Save Marta
174   FC06_023   Maybe a Rose?
175   FC06_024   Sweetie Pie
176   FC06_025   Scarred for Life
177   FC06_026   Heart of Little Girl
178   FC07_001   Good Luck Charms
179   FC07_002   Ozette
180   FC07_003   Waka Waka Waka
181   FC07_004   Role Reversal
182   FC07_005   Sister
183   FC07_006   Mana Cannon
184   FC07_007   Vanguard's Uprising
185   FC07_008   Translation
186   FC07_009   Tethe'alla and Sylvarant
187   FC07_010   Most Beautiful
188   FC07_011   Paw Pads
189   FC07_012   Nuance
190   FC07_013   Building Number Two
191   FC07_014   Stumbles into Miracles
192   FC07_015   * (undubbed skit)
193   FC07_016   Full-Grown Man
194   FC07_017   Get Your Words Straight
195   FC07_018   Army of Spies
196   FC07_019   Sheena's Feelings
197   FC07_020   Public Displays of Affection
198   FC07_021   Let's Hurry
199   FC07_022   Confusion
200   FC07_023   Marta's Tears
201   FC08_001   Cruel
202   FC08_002   Memories and Misconceptions
203   FC08_003   Daddy's Girl
204   FC08_004   Effect of the Core
205   FC08_005   World Tree
206   FC08_006   Guardian of the World Tree
207   FC08_007   Summon Spirit Martel
208   FC08_008   Mithos the Hero
209   FC08_009   Rheairds
210   FC08_010   Lloyd is Back
211   FC08_011   Truth about Lloyd
212   FC08_012   Yuan the Guardian
213   FC08_013   Paw Pad Playmate Society
214   FC08_014   An Adult
215   FC08_015   Two Emils
216   FC08_016   Final Memories
217   FC08_017   Time as Emil
218   FC08_018   Self-Esteem
219   FC08_019   Demonic Realm
220   FC08_020   Richter's Objective
221   FC08_021   Take My Hand
222   FC08_022   What Is Love? Part 2
223   FC08_023   * (no skit)
224   FC08_024   Bumbling Idiot
225   FC08_025   All Downhill
226   FC08_026   Aqua's Love
227   FC08_027   Final Battle
228   FC80_001   Get Stronger
229   FC80_002   Getting Stronger
230   FC80_003   500 Battles
231   FC80_004   Escape from Battle
232   FC80_005   50 Escapes
233   FC80_006   Successful Pacts
234   FC80_007   Pact of Love
235   FC80_008   Try, Try Again
236   FC80_009   Natural Fisherman
237   FC80_010   A Lie
238   FC80_011   Kismet
239   FC80_012   Simply Splendid
240   FC80_013   Joyous Trinity
241   FC80_014   Secret Weapon
242   FC80_015   Prisoner?
243   FC80_016   Overachievers and Underachievers
244   FC80_017   Stubborn
245   FC80_018   Different Kinds
246   FC80_019   Loyal
247   FC80_020   We're Full
248   FC80_021   Complete
249   FC80_022   Lively
250   FC80_023   Rather Sad
251   FC80_024   Monster Circus
252   FC80_025   Seriously High Number
253   FC80_026   Old Fashioned?
254   FC90_001   Together Again
255   FC90_002   I'm Sorry
256   FC90_003   Questions
257   FC90_004   Mentor
258   FC90_005   Perfect
259   FC90_006   Individuality
260   FC90_007   Richter and Tenebrae
261   FC90_008   Training
262   FC90_009   Outcasts
263   FC90_010   Hiding the Face
264   FC90_011   Richter and Tenebrae Part 2
265   FC90_012   Emil's Cooking
266   FC90_013   Appearances
267   FC90_014   Father's Love
268   FC90_015   Carving Food
269   FC90_016   Foolproof Method
270   FC90_017   Richter's Cooking
271   FC90_018   Dwarven Pot-Luck Surprise
272   FC90_019   Fruit Everything
273   FC90_020   Revolutionary Menu
274   FC90_021   Hereditary Traits
275   FC90_022   Poor Luck
276   FC90_023   Gourmet Cuisine
277   FC90_024   Axe and Pocket Knife
278   FC90_025   Mistaken for a Criminal
279   FC90_026   Older Women
280   FC91_001   Both the Problem
281   FC91_002   Let's Keep It Up
282   FC91_003   Getting Along
283   FC91_004   No Way
284   FC91_005   Cheer Him Up
285   FC91_006   One Okay
286   FC91_007   Words to Heart
287   FC91_008   We Were Close
288   FC91_009   Almost Had That One
289   FC91_010   Concentration
290   FC91_011   Healing Strike
291   FC91_012   What Was I Born For?
292   FC91_013   Exactly
293   FC91_014   Too Powerful?
294   FC92_001   Keeping the Promise
295   FC92_002   I'm Screwed
296   FC92_003   Let's Head Back
297   FC92_004   Is Richter Bad?
298   FC92_005   I'm Screwed Part 2
299   FC92_006   Don't Remind Me
300   FC92_007   Bridging the Gap
301   FC93_001   Chosen Maniac
302   FC93_002   Useless Research
303   FC93_003   Only the Darkness Knows

First quest is always Twilight Palace [dcx2]
04493580 000000C8
02493590 00000141
Works on any chapter

Can Always Escape [dcx2]
040BB9AC 38600000
Escape from battle quest fails you.  Escape from boss battle...?

Faster Enemy Respawn [dcx2]
040303F8 3AE0003C
0401E360 3800003C
0x3C = 60 = the number of frames until an enemy respawns.  They won't spawn if you're in the immediate vicinity.  The respawn timer is about 1 second.

Prevent Enemy Respawn (zhome toggle) (off by default) [dcx2]
040304B0 3803FFFF
284D755A 0000A000
CC000000 00000001
040304B0 7C601B78
E0000000 80008000
Like the Orkin Man.  disabled by default.  hold home and then press Z to enable.  Kill them and they stay gone.  Press home and z again to disable.  The home menu will come up; that's okay.  This needs a particularly awkward activator because it is not tied to a menu. 

Don't consume quests v2 [dcx2]
0402474C 4800007C
04024810 4800007C
0402496C 4800007C
The quests stay on the menu even after playing them.  Use Quest Randomizer to get the quest type that you want.  Then, you can use the Quest Rank Roller to make it S-rank.  Then, Don't consume quests will allow you to keep playing the same quest over and over.  Now you can cancel a dungeon quest at the katz, or escape/fail a battle quest, and keep the quest on the list.
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Encounter Roller v1.1 [dcx2]
C201C088 00000018
A0841C1C 48000009
00000000 7D2802A6
3D80804D A14C755A
A10C755E A0E900C2
3CA0802E 60A5DCF8
71402000 4182008C
7C8700D0 71001310
4082000C 71404000
41820058 280A2200
4182004C 28078000
40800050 280A2010
4182000C 280A6010
40820014 38E70001
2C0704EA 40810008
38E00001 280A3000
4182000C 280A7000
40820010 34E7FFFF
41810008 38E004EA
7CE43B78 B08900C2
28078000 41800014
808D89A8 34E40000
40800008 38E00000
1C07001A 7C050214
90090000 00000000
C20BB9B4 00000003
3800FFFF 2C000000
41800008 90030000
80030000 00000000
Huge thanks to Frubam for pointing me at the encounter table!  This code is a bit complicated.  Go to the menu screen (Artes, Equip, Item, Status, etc).  Hold Z.  Look at the Encounters; you will see the number for the last encounter you had (if you have not had an encounter yet, it shows -1, which can be confusing).  While holding Z, pressing 1 will toggle the Encounter Roller.  When the Encounter Roller is enabled, the Encounters number will be negative, and it will force you to enter that encounter.  If you press 1 while holding Z again, it will disable the encounter roller, and the number will be positive once again, which shows you the last encounter you had, and allows you to enter encounters normally.
While the Encounter Roller is enabled, you can hold Z and press + or - to roll the encounter number.  You can choose any encounter from 1 to 1258, which is the last encounter I could find.  If you hold both C and Z, the + or - will make it scroll quickly.  If you go past one end it wraps to the other end.  If the number doesn't roll, then the code is disabled.

Encounter Roller v2.1 (with display!) [dcx2]
0401C888 80031B5C
284D755A DFFF2000
0401C888 38000001
E0000000 80008000
C201C088 00000018
A0841C1C 48000009
00000000 7D2802A6
3D80804D A14C755A
A10C755E A0E900C2
3CA0802E 60A5DCF8
71402000 4182008C
7C8700D0 71001310
4082000C 71404000
41820058 280A2200
4182004C 28078000
40800050 280A2010
4182000C 280A6010
40820014 38E70001
2C0704EA 40810008
38E00001 280A3000
4182000C 280A7000
40820010 34E7FFFF
41810008 38E004EA
7CE43B78 B08900C2
28078000 41800014
808D89A8 34E40000
40800008 38E00000
1C07001A 7C050214
90090000 00000000
C20BB9B4 00000003
3800FFFF 2C000000
41800008 90030000
80030000 00000000
C201CC7C 00000003
3734FFFD 4181000D
7F2802A6 8339FF18
2C14000F 00000000
C201CC94 00000002
3F208031 63390528
38600000 00000000
C201C8D8 00000003
A0631B62 28190064
4180000C 1C140002
7C79022E 00000000
In addition to 1.1, When you hold Z, you will also see the types of enemies that you would encounter in that battle

Encounter Roller v3.1 [dcx2]
0401C888 80031B5C
0401CC14 41820020
284D755A DFFF2000
0401C888 38000001
0401CC14 60000000
E0000000 80008000
C201C088 00000018
A0841C1C 48000009
00000000 7D2802A6
3D80804D A14C755A
A10C755E A0E900C2
3CA0802E 60A5DCF8
71402000 4182008C
7C8700D0 71001310
4082000C 71404000
41820058 280A2200
4182004C 28078000
40800050 280A2010
4182000C 280A6010
40820014 38E70001
2C0704EA 40810008
38E00001 280A3000
4182000C 280A7000
40820010 34E7FFFF
41810008 38E004EA
7CE43B78 B08900C2
28078000 41800014
808D89A8 34E40000
40800008 38E00000
1C07001A 7C050214
90090000 00000000
C20BB9B4 00000003
3800FFFF 2C000000
41800008 90030000
80030000 00000000
C201CC7C 00000003
3734FFFD 4181000D
7F2802A6 8339FF18
2C14000F 00000000
C201CC94 00000002
3F208031 63390528
38600000 00000000
C201C8D8 00000003
A0631B62 28190064
4180000C 1C140002
7C79022E 00000000
C201C944 00000003
8872001C 28190064
4180000C 38140008
7C7900AE 00000000
C201CC24 00000003
7CA02850 28190064
4180000C 1C140002
7CB9022E 00000000
C201CB58 00000003
A8B20024 28190064
4180000C 38140010
7CB900AE 00000000
C201CBA0 00000003
A8B2002A 28190064
4180000C 38140014
7CB900AE 00000000
In addition to 2.1, When you hold Z, you will also see the amount of each enemy in the battle will replace the level for the character; the Z/Y/W/X value (decimal) will appear in Next Level; the min level will appear in HP; the max level will appear in TP.

Generic Battle Modifier [dcx2]
80000001 00000QQQ
86100001 0000001A
4A001001 802EDCF8
16000000 00000018
N1N2N3N4 00000000
M1M2M3M4 U1U2U3U4
E0000000 80008000
Based on frubam's work
Q is the hex value for the encounter you want to modify.  For example, the Ishrantu encounter is decimal 1232 = hex 0x4D0.  1258 = 0x4EA is the last battle.
Z,Y,X,W represent the half-word hex value of the enemy.
N1,2,3,4 represents the quantity of each enemy respectively(no more than 10 in one battle).
M1,2,3,4 represent enemy's min level (is sometimes 0?)
U1,2,3,4 represent enemy's max level (is sometimes 0?)

The various values for Q match the Encounter Roller.  The entire list is attached to this post.  Thanks to arch feline, frubam, and Tenkirby for partial lists.

Thanks to ShadowX39 for finding all 365 monster Z/Y/X/W values, even ones that freeze.

Spoiler for Hiden:
000 *freeze*
001 Filifolia
002 Caerurea
003 Orcrot
004 Bartek
005 Treant
006 Mandocello
007 Gerichtslinde
008 Fungus
009 Marcoid
00A Stinkhorn
00B Toadstool
00C Vaudeville
00D Amanita
00E Etheliana
00F Gracilis
010 Shallow Grave
011 Hirsuta
012 Truncata
013 Dionaea
014 Mandragora
015 Alraune
016 Korrigan
017 Hamadryad
018 Puck
019 Lailah
01A Pyanopsion
01B Gamelion
01C *Freeze*
01D *Freeze*
01E *Freeze*
01F Wolf
020 Black Wolf
021 Hell Hound
022 Padfoot
023 Athos
024 Fenrir
025 Cerberus
026 Orion
027 Bear
028 Grisley
029 Cave Bear
02A Lucrezia
02B *Freeze*
02C Were Bear
02D Wolf Heddin
02E Galf Beast
02F Wild Rabbit
030 Cotton Tail
031 Carbuncle
032 Vorpal Bunny
033 Micasa
034 Porthos
035 Peallaidh
036 Gunna
037 Ogre
038 Red Ogre
039 Yeti
03A Mirka
03B Firbolg
03C Titan
03D Serpent
03E *Freeze*
03F Viper
040 Kosh
041 Lizard
042 *Freeze*
043 Basilisk
044 Salamander
045 Chimera
046 Kitty Kat
047 Manticore
048 Sphinx
049 Griffin
04A Hippogryph
04B Aramis
04C Elaphebolion
04D *Freeze*
04E *Freeze*
04F *Freeze*
050 Bumble Bee
051 Killer Bee
052 *Freeze*
053 Hornet
054 *Freeze*
055 Queen
056 Scorpion
057 Antares
058 Girtablili
059 Killer Mantis
05A Lumber Jack
05B Popsickle
05C Crawler
05D Caterpillar
05E Embryo
05F Habetrot
060 Neurotica
061 Lookin
062 Stone Eater
063 Rock Eater
064 Island Worm
065 Earth Eater
066 Mia Culpa
067 Manitou
068 Spider
069 Tarantula
06A Pit Spider
06B *Freeze*
06C Arachne
06D Simoriah
06E Anthesterion
06F *Freeze*
070 *Freeze*
071 *Freeze*
072 *Freeze*
073 Chirpee
074 Jabber
075 Peepit
076 Raven
077 Phoenix
078 Izimbra
079 Garuda
07A Simurgh
07B Axe Beak
07C Aepyornis
07D Dodo
07E Cockatrice
07F *Freeze*
080 Moon Rocks
081 Roc
082 Harpy
083 Furie
084 Seiren
085 *Freeze*
086 Aello
087 Fenia
088 Black Bat
089 Light Wing
08A Were Bat
08B *Freeze*
08C Dire Bat
08D Dogma
08E Thargelion
08F Maimakterion
090 *Freeze*
091 *Freeze*
092 *Freeze*
093 Tortoise
094 Archelon
095 Megalith
096 Dark Steel
097 Zaratan
098 Aspidoceleon
099 Sea Monk
09A Kraken
09B Sea Bishop
09C Charybdis
09D Lusca
09E Killer Fish
09F Remora
0A0 Echeneis
0A1 Barracuda
0A2 Sea Hog
0A3 Orca
0A4 Jasconius
0A5 Merrow
0A6 Nixie
0A7 Selkie
0A8 Nereis
0A9 Asrai
0AA Rusalka
0AB Siren
0AC Polwigle
0AD Grindylow
0AE Bullfrog
0AF Oannes
0B0 Baal
0B1 Heqet
0B2 Nazdrovie
0B3 Metageitnion
0B4 Poseideon
0B5 *Freeze*
0B6 *Freeze*
0B7 Slime
0B8 Mousse
0B9 Jelly
0BA Ooze
0BB Pudding
0BC Slime Mold
0BD Mounychion
0BE *Freeze*
0BF *Freeze*
0C0 Ligeia
0C1 Leech
0C2 Poison Leech
0C3 Hekatombaion
0C4 Leech King
0C5 Blood Sucker
0C6 Blood Bound
0C7 Gamat
0C8 Anemone
0C9 *Freeze*
0CA Lunantisidhe
0CB Blue Rose
0CC Incognito
0CD *Freeze*
0CE *Freeze*
0CF *Freeze*
0D0 *Freeze*
0D1 Imp
0D2 Pit Fiend
0D3 Cacodemon
0D4 Pied Piper
0D5 Gremlin
0D6 Demon
0D7 Archdemon
0D8 Vroom
0D9 Corduroy
0DA Lamia
0DB Graeae
0DC Erinyes
0DD Gorgon
0DE Echidna
0DF Moirae
0E0 Ruby Dear
0E1 Skirophorion
0E2 *Freeze*
0E3 *Freeze*
0E4 *Freeze*
0E5 Fire Drake
0E6 Wyvern
0E7 Sea Wyvern
0E8 Wyvern Lord
0E9 Vouivre
0EA Ishrantu
0EB Bakunawa
0EC Were Dragon
0ED Elder Dragon
0EE Tiamat
0EF Blade Rex
0F0 Schizos
0F1 Shadow Dragon
0F2 Wyrm
0F3 Fafnir
0F4 Jormungandr
0F5 Hydra
0F6 Ladon
0F7 *Freeze*
0F8 *Freeze*
0F9 *Freeze*
0FA Zombie
0FB Corpse
0FC Ghoul
0FD Skeleton
0FE Cross Bone
0FF *Freeze*
100 *Freeze*
101 Bastiage
102 Dullahan
103 Night Stalker
104 Crusader
105 Dark Rider
106 Pale Rider
107 Sword Dancer
108 Ghost
109 Haunt
10A Banshee
10B Phantom
10C Wraith
10D Undertaker
10E Grave Digger
10F Ravenous
110 Boedromion
111 *Freeze*
112 *Freeze*
113 *Freeze*
114 Clay Golem
115 Golem
116 Rock Golem
117 Mythril Golem
118 Talos
119 Ice Titan
11A Helion
11B Poltergeist
11C Living Sword
11D *Freeze*
11E Machina
11F Mournblade
120 Made in Heaven
121 Automaton
122 Colossus
123 Goliath
124 Gargoyle
125 *Freeze*
126 Epitaph
127 Mimic
128 *Freeze*
129 *Freeze*
12A Pandora
12B Shape Shifter
12C Jaw Breaker
12D Igniter
12E *Freeze*
12F Muzzler
130 *Freeze*
131 Enforcer
132 *Freeze*
133 Liberator
134 *Freeze*
135 Thinker
136 *Freeze*
137 Punisher
138 Vortex
139 Purger
13A *Freeze*
13B Awakner
13C Wind Master Prime
13D *Freeze*
13E Soldier(1)
13F Soldier(2)
140 Martel Knights
141 Vanguard Rogue(1)
142 Vanguard Rogue(2)
143 Vanguard Rogue(3)
144 Vanguard Rogue(4)
145 Vanguard Archer(1)
146 Vanguard Archer(2)
147 Vanguard Witch(1)
148 Vanguard Witch(2)
149 Swordsman
14A Christopher
14B Thief
14C Melissa
14D Mercenary
14E City Watch
14F Magnar(1st)
150 Decus(1st)
151 Alice(1st)
152 Richter(1st)
153 Hawk(1st)
154 Brute
155 Richter(Final)
156 Magnar(2nd)
157 Decus(2nd)
158 Alice(2nd)
159 Alice(3rd)
15A Hawk(2nd)
15B Richter(2nd)
15C Lloyd
15D Colette
15E Genis
15F Raine
160 Sheena
161 Zelos
162 Presea
163 Regal
164 Marta
165 Emil
166 *Freeze*
167 *Freeze*
168 *Freeze*
169 *Freeze*
16A *Freeze*
16B *Freeze*
16C Album Atrum(Gladsheim)
16D Album Atrum(Twilight)
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